Can The Dogs Keep The Snakes Away?

Except for those who like to keep snakes as pets, we do not particularly wish to encounter snakes, especially in the wild. Snakes can be dangerous to you and your pet, even if they are not venomous.

A snake bite can cause infection, disease and other problems for you and your pooch. So it’s very important that you and your dogs stay away from snakes. But you’re only one person and despite your best efforts, you may not always have the keen senses to stay on the lookout for snakes.

On the other hand, your dog, with his amazing sense of smell and hearing, has the ability to detect snakes, which is why he may not allow himself to be approached by snakes. Also, snakes generally don’t like to be around large, moving, noisy critters – usually they are content to eat food that is their own size or smaller like rodents. That said, a snake will not necessarily always be afraid of your dog, so don’t make a generalization, but you might wonder how effective a dog’s snake repellent will be!

The principle is basic: by detecting a snake, your dog can help you stay aware of a danger and stay away from snakes.

But how? We’ ve got all the information you need right here!

Signs That Your Dog is Trying to Ward off a Snake

Signs That Your Dog is Trying to Ward off a Snake

Although we cannot guarantee that each breed of dog will be the best to help you stay away from snakes, it is very likely that if your dog is healthy and has a good sense of smell and hearing, he will probably be able to detect a snake. Your dog will probably not understand exactly how he feels, but instinct may cause him to stay away and keep you away and the same instinct may also cause snakes to stay away.

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If your dog smells a snake, he’ll show obvious signs. Look at their nostrils for contractions, excessive sniffing and pointing their snout up to the sky. This is the first sign that they can detect something. There are other signs as well, such as raised legs, a stiff tail, and a snout pointing in the direction of the smell. It’s also possible that your dog can hear a snake in the distance, which he’ll make perceptible by moving his ears and turning them like antennae. If your dog is trying to keep you away from snakes, he may howl, bark, moan or whine, or try to stop you from moving in a certain direction.

The History of Snake Detection

Although it is not entirely certain that snakes will not approach dogs and that dogs can keep them away, it is obvious that because of their incredible sense of smell and hearing, they are the best snake hunters. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude that dogs may be one of the best natural choices for keeping snakes at bay.

Because dogs have excellent hearing and sniffing abilities, they have been used over the years to sniff bombs, guns, weapons, drugs, cancer and other diseases. But dogs have also been trained to help spot dangerous snakes. According to Geo magazine, Auburn University trainers teach labradors to sniff and hunt Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades. Some breeds are exceptionally good at sniffing snakes, such as Beagles, Basset Hounds, Jack Russell Terriers and Bloodhounds.

And What Does Science Say?

All types of reptiles, especially snakes, give off a particular scent, and depending on the type of snake, it may or may not be particularly strong. Snakes have cloacal glands located on their tails and when they open these glands and discharge them, they are able to produce a foul odor. This happens when snakes are disturbed, threatened or frightened – all of the emotions they may feel in the presence of a dog. Snakes will rub this smell on their enemies or in the vicinity, giving your dog the opportunity to smell the snakes and keep you and yourself away from them.

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How Do You Train Your Dog To Keep Snakes Away?

How Do You Train Your Dog To Keep Snakes Away?

It is likely that most snakes do not choose to approach dogs. They’re bigger, louder and more complicated than a good snack made up of a few mice. Just having your dog close by will probably help keep the snakes away. That being said, you may accidentally enter a snake’s territory, and there are ways to train your dog in these situations to avoid this or to keep the snakes away if you do enter their territory. To begin, train your dog to recognize the scent of snakes and to warn you of the scent. Try working with an expert to capture a snake, rub the snake’s scent on coffee filters or a similar object, and then teach your dog to smell that particular scent. Reward them with treats, love, affection and a special toy to play with. Teach your dog to detect this smell, but not to approach it with a method called “fringe training”. If you notice your dog is heading towards a snake or getting too close for comfort, a simple “no,” “drop” or “stay” can do wonders for your dog’s safety.