How to Get Rid of All The Snakes in The House

As you know, getting rid of dangerous snakes in your home is a rather laborious task. But half the battle is already a good start. So you need to know where to start the fight against reptiles.

For starters, carefully inspect all of the vents in the basement of your home. If you notice any holes larger than 1 cm, you must close them. Never leave, hoping that the snakes will leave the house, open the doors – it will have no effect.

If you find a snake’s nest or a snake in the basement, never try to fend for yourself unless, of course, you have the necessary knowledge and experience. Remember that the most poisonous snakes will only live in the garden and the most problematic snakes will be the smallest. So how do you get rid of snakes in the basement?

  • Sealing. Go around your entire house – your goal is to find everything, even small holes near the ground – these are the points where reptiles enter your basement. As soon as you find all these openings, close them immediately.
  • Physical removal. If there is a snake in your home, it must be physically removed from your home. To do this, it is best to call a professional or set up special traps. However, simply removing the snake is not enough – again, go around the basement to find and correct all possible points of penetration.
  • Readily available products. Food attracts snakes to your home. Be sure to put all your pet food in containers with tight-fitting lids. When there is no food, it doesn’t make sense to stay home.

Of all the above options, a call to a specialist is the best solution to the snake problem in the home. A snake in a house is not the same as a snake in a garden or vegetable garden. In the latter case, you can safely try all the solutions to combat them, because the snake is far from where you sleep and rest.

How to get rid of snakes with naphthalene

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How to get rid of snakes with naphthalene

Naphthalene will only be effective if reptiles have not yet managed to occupy a large part of your property. A small amount of solution will cancel out the presence of snakes, but the downside of this method is its short-term effect. Naphthalene is an ideal solution if you need to secure the entrances to your home – small cracks in walls, sewer pipes, etc. – and you need to make them safe.

Naphthalene is made from tar and is a source of toxic gas, which has a very unpleasant smell for snakes. If you are planning to use mothballs, it is best to mix them with cat putty and then spread them throughout the garden (yard), as well as in areas where reptiles can enter your home.

Be very careful when working with mothballs. The gas emitted by naphthalene can cause health problems: destruction of red blood cells, jaundice, intestinal difficulties and can even lead to the formation of cancerous tumours. For this reason, most people prefer to use insect repellents and alternative traps when fighting reptiles.