How To Get Rid of Snakes in a Garden or Yard and How to Keep Them Out of the House

As already mentioned in this article: Snakes are constantly looking for new places where they have plenty of food – mainly insects and rodents.

    As soon as all sources of food have been eliminated, reptiles will leave your territory in search of food for themselves. To do this, many people spray insecticides throughout their area and also use rodent repellents.

Methods of reptile control in a garden plot:

    1. Pest control. This may be the way to get rid of snakes that live near you. Simply destroy all insects, rodents and worms, depriving the snakes of food. This method has proven to be effective and long-lasting in practice.

    2. Naphthalene. Another effective method. Surround your house with mothballs and you will soon see the results. However, do not use naphthalene where children or pets can reach it.

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Methods of reptile control in a garden plot:

    3. Plant pruning. Try to cut down the trees around the house – many snakes are able to move from the tree to the roof of the house, and from there directly into the house. It is also worth remembering that many species of snakes that are dangerous to humans can live in the surrounding forests.

    4. Sulphur. If you need a method with the fastest effect, then buy sulphur powder, gloves and a respirator. Sprinkle lines of sulfur on doors and other places where snakes might enter. Remember to repeat the procedure after each rainfall.

    5. Clean up the area. Remove stones and wood from the mountain property – they provide a natural shelter for rodents. No rodents – no reptiles near the house. It is also important to remove all debris from the property and mow all tall grass.