Protecting Your Home From Snakes

Snakes can sometimes be useful to humans. They exterminate rodents, mice, rats, moles, make various medicines from snake venom, and in some countries they eat snake venom. But in general, the presence of snakes near a person’s home is certainly not desirable or necessary. Snakes can pose a serious danger to humans, livestock and animals.

If you suspect that a snake has entered the house, sprinkle a path of flour near each door. If the snake is still in the house, you will notice traces of its movement along characteristic tracks in the flour. If no tracks appear within a week, there are probably no snakes in the house. When it encounters a snake, it is best to disperse peacefully, giving it the opportunity to crawl out into the street if possible, especially if it is impossible to determine which snake is poisonous or not. The best protection against snakes in the home is the absence of cracks in the floor, doors and windows. Always try to close front doors tightly. To avoid having to get rid of the snakes, it is best to create such conditions in advance that the snake does not want to settle near your home. It is necessary to ensure that there are no thickets or damp, shady areas on the site. Do not pick up garbage piles, weeds, grass clippings, foliage and other refuse as the snake does not like to be in open areas and these piles will attract it. Preferred snake habitats are stumps, shrubs, compost pits, manure piles. Having a dog on site is likely to scare off the snake, although often dogs themselves may be afraid of snakes. A garden herbicide, saltpetre and naphthalene sprinkled around the perimeter will help protect your site from snakes. Snakes don’t like the smell of chemicals and will bypass your area.

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Protecting yourself from snakes when sleeping in a tent

Protecting yourself from snakes when sleeping in a tent

In the wild, in addition to various large predators, snakes must also be wary. In general, avoiding encounters with snakes in the forest is not difficult. A snake is a shy creature that never attacks (with the exception of large snakes, such as a python, which can easily crawl into a person’s belly or at least strangle them). Therefore, you must move noisily in the forest. While talking, branching branches, noisy footsteps will frighten the snakes, but the snake will be able to bite when you imperceptibly sneak up on it. Likewise, when setting up a tent or building a shelter for the night, don’t be afraid to make noise. You should choose a place at night away from dense groves or, if possible, mow the lawn, at least a few metres from the tent, so that you can see it in advance if you approach the snake. First of all, after choosing a place to set up a tent, you should light a fire, the smoke scares off not only mosquitoes and gnats, but also snakes and other predators. The main protection of the tent against snakes is its integrity, the presence of a closed entrance. Do not leave bags or shoes open at night, a snake can hide in its box. When you go to bed, leave a burning fire and, most importantly, a smoking campfire (not forgetting safety of course).

Protection against snake bites

It is quite difficult to protect oneself from snake bites, as mentioned above, it is easier to avoid encountering a snake. As a general rule, a snake bites in the lower part of the leg. Obviously, it would be better if you wear tight shoes with high berets, the chances of biting are reduced and if the snake bites in such shoes, the depth of the bite will be less and it is likely that the poison will also penetrate less into the body . The second place is a snake bite in the arm. Therefore you should not stick your hands in the holes, pick yourself from rotten stumps and dense groves, you should be careful when picking berries and mushrooms.

If it turns out that you have successfully killed a snake, you must remove it from your site or overnight and it is advisable to bury it. Snakes recognize odours from a great distance. If the woman is killed, you can wait for the guests. The fact is that when the female dies, pheromones are unintentionally released, for other snakes this will be a signal for mating. Other people, having smelled this smell, may instinctively appear as a source of odor.