What Animals Can Keep Snakes Away?

First of all, be aware that no common pet will keep snakes away from your home without special training, and even then, you are putting the animal in great danger. Cats and dogs can wreak havoc when hunting snakes, but they will never voluntarily patrol your property in search of snakes.

You should also consider the fact that any domestic animal exposed to snakes can also be injured by snake bites. If you live in an area where poisonous snakes are rampant, this can be a real disaster.

Pigs and other pigs are also known to kill snakes, but again, these animals do not hunt snakes, they only instinctively react to the threat by trampling reptiles when the opportunity arises.

The badger is a relatively unknown pet that has special attributes specific to snake hunting. These animals feed on snakes and have special genetic characteristics that make them insensitive to venom.  Badgers are very agile with a thick coat, making them perfect fighters in snake wars.

The disadvantage of badgers is that their possession is strictly regulated, so unless you’ve tamed one at home, you certainly won’t be able to adopt one. Their urine is a very effective snake repellent but has a pestilential smell for humans.

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What Breed of Dog Repels Snakes?

What Breed of Dog Repels Snakes?

There are no dogs that are born with an insatiable desire to hunt and kill snakes, largely because snakes are not part of the dog’s diet. Some breeds have a stronger hunting instinct than others, such as the Rat Terrier or the Labrador Retriever. These dogs will be more likely to hunt and kill a small animal, but they will not patrol or guard your property specifically against snake attacks. Keep in mind that all dogs will also be more vulnerable to bites than you are. Canine companions are more prone to infection than humans and a dog with multiple bite wounds will need immediate veterinary attention. The cost of this exorbitant care will quickly outweigh the benefits and you will need to take a radical solution against these harmful reptiles. Some more fearful breeds of dogs (Poodles, …) will even avoid snakes, letting them settle in your home. The only animal that is really effective against snakes is the badger; however, their species is endangered in France and therefore its keeping is prohibited by French regulations.

Are Snakes Afraid of Pigs?

Snakes are not naturally afraid of pigs, but pigs are! This is the reason that leads to relatively violent reactions of these animals when they come across snakes. Pigs don’t like snakes because these animals live at ground level, on the periphery of their field of vision. Pigs and pigs also have a very protective attitude towards their young. This is why pigs attack snakes within their reach: to protect their offspring. If you live in a rural environment, you could welcome a few pigs in your home; contrary to popular belief, they are excellent pets, very cuddly but also smelly… .

What Other Animals Are Repellent To Snakes?

Although many other animals feed on snakes; owls, wolves, foxes, weasels, alligators, ravens,… they are not pets and therefore you will not be able to welcome them in your home nor integrate them in your snake control strategy… you will have to see to other repellent solutions to protect yourself effectively.