What Does a Snake Eat?

Giving food to a snake is the simplest thing to do in captivity. All you have to do is know the species in your possession, and you will never have to change one iota of its diet. The only variable is frequency. And again, that can be counted in days or even weeks.

Your snake is a carnivorous reptile. There are no vegetarians, despite some unfounded rumours. Nevertheless, its food varies according to its species. For example, some snakes only eat rodents, snails or even slugs. Others ingest anything in their path. Finally, marine snakes can feed on fish eggs along coral reefs. In captivity, you probably have in your possession a wheat snake, a boa constrictor or a royal python. In this case, it’s even more childish.

A live or frozen rodent

The 3 snakes above, and even the main snakes destined for captivity, feed on live or frozen rodents. It is preferable to offer it food that is already dead. This will prevent it from being unintentionally wounded by prey that is trying to defend itself before giving up its soul. For example, a mouse or rat can easily scratch your reptile’s eyes and injure it quite seriously.

However, a prey that is frozen does not mean that it must be frozen when you feed it to your snake. On the contrary. The rodent in question must no longer have a trace of cold on its body. Ice could give your reptile some digestive problems.

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A live or frozen rodent

What rodent to give?

The kind of prey to give will depend on the size of your snake. For example, a wheat snake under 4 months old will be satisfied with a very small mouse once a week. A mouse will take over until it is 8 months old. After that, it will have to be given a jumping mouse about every 10 days. Then, once adult, a wheat snake can ingest an adult mouse every 2 weeks.

For the king python, consider one adult mouse every 8 to 10 days. When your snake is adult, you can give it an adult rat about every 3 weeks.

Finally, the Boa constrictor will be satiated, if it is less than 90 cm long, by one to two mice twice a week. Larger, it will have to ingest 1 to 2 rats per week. Those measuring more than 2 meters can be fond of a rabbit every 10 days. This is quite infrequent.

In case of regurgitation?

There are times when your snake doesn’t digest its prey well. It will regurgitate and that will cause irritation in its oesophagus. Nothing serious on the surface, but you’ll have to wait two weeks before offering food again.

In summary

A good diet for your snake is simply eating rodents once or twice a week (depending on the species) or even 2-3 times a month. Feeding a snake is not a problem or difficulty. It is in any case not very difficult to remember. However, it is necessary to manage to reserve a floor of your freezer for mice or rats. This is not always a lot of fun for those around you.